Package org.mentabean

Interface Summary
BeanSession Describe a simple ORM interface that can perform CRUD for Beans according to properties defined programmatically on BeanManager.
DBType<E> An interface defining a database type.
MentaBean The functionality of a MentaBean, in other words, the methods you can call on a mentabean to perform database operations like insert, load, reload, save, update and delete.

Class Summary
AbstractMentaBean A abstract implementation of the MentaBean interface.
AutoBeanConfig A bean config that uses reflection to try to guess the database column type from the bean properties.
BeanConfig A class representing a bean configuration, like table name, primary keys and fields in the database.
BeanManager The manager that keeps track of the configuration for all beans.
DBField A class representing a database field.

Exception Summary
BeanException A runtime exception that can happen when working with MentaBean.

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